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Just recieved my buck 105 scout carry sheath that my wife ordered for me. Excellent sheath! Worth every penny! Better than the original sheath. I will be a return customer!!!

William hershberger

“I have one of the prints and that little fox looks like he is looking right at me. Talent is stunning”

Chrisiu Russ

“I have 2 of his prints and I love them both I’m going to have to have more love his work 🙂 the eyes on the pictures are unreal they look right thru you only a hunter or trapper could capture this the most life like work I have ever seen yes I recommend this Get Yours Now Before Its Too Late”

Mike James

“I received my holsters from Dewey 2 days ago and I must say it will not be my last order from him. The fit and finish for my Springfield 1911 was outstanding. I hope to be adding a few more holsters and a set of mittens for my wife once she decides on the fur. Thank you again for the great craftsmanship as always. I would highly recommend any of his work as I also have some of his art work from almost 20 years ago. Keep up the great work sir God has definitely given you a great gift.”

Richard Urben


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